LOHC (Liquid Organic Hydrogen Carrier) Technologies


    LOHC materials stand for covalently unsaturated organic compounds that are liquids at near ambient conditions. Upon catalytic hydrogenation, the materials are fully saturated by hydrogen and still remain in liquid forms. Hydrogenation release can be realized via catalytic dehydrogenation. The LOHC materials developed at Hynertech are highly stable with long shelf life with high volumetric and gravimetric densities.

      Volumetric density:

           Liquefied H2 (-252 oC):         70 g/L

           Compressed H2 (70 MPa):   39 g/L

           Hynertech LOHC H2:            60 g/L

       Gravimetric density:

           Hynertech LOHC H2:  ~6 wt.%